Setembro, 2015: 17th European Conference on Developmental Psychology



A investigadora do CIEC Ana Tomás Almeida organiza, na Universidade do Minho, de 8 a 12 de setembro de 2015, o 17th European Conference on Developmental Psychology”, congresso da EDAP (

Confira abaixo um texto introdutório sobre o congresso, podendo encontrar mais detalhes na página institucional do CIEC, na sua lista de eventos ou no site do congresso (

The 17th edition of the European Association of Developmental Psychology ( biennial conferences will take place in Braga, Portugal, September 8-12, 2015. 

Two schools of the University of Minho, the Institute of Education and the School of Psychology, joined aiming at strengthening the interdisciplinary and application domains of Developmental Psychology as well as embracing the cutting-edge topics of Developmental Science today, and creating a stimulating and enjoyable scientific forum for the international community of senior and young researchers in Developmental Psychology and its related disciplines. Displaying the core and the new frontiers of Developmental Psychology, this conference program will feature five integrative thematic blocks:

Each of the five integrative blocks will be consolidated from differing levels and a variety of presentational formats that include keynotes, invited symposia, symposia, thematic sessions, workshops, invited roundtables, thematic poster sessions and poster exhibitions. Yet, informal settings to meet the leaders in campus will endure the thrill and opportunity of face-to-face conversations outside the conference rooms.
Outside the university campus lies the city of Braga and its surroundings. Braga is situated in the North of Portugal and easy to access from Porto International Airport (50 minutes by train). Founded in the Roman times as Bracara Augusta, Braga hauls more than 2,000 years of history to its recent election as European Youth Capital in 2012 as a mark of its everlasting culture and renovating energy.


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