Ciclo de Conferências Doutorais em Estudos da Criança 2013/2014

Integrada no Ciclo de Conferências Doutorais em Estudos da Criança, realiza-se no dia dia 13 de maio às 17h, no Anfiteatro do Instituto de Educação, a conferência intitulada “A rule-assesment approach of warri strategies of Ivorean boys” proferida pelo Jean Retschitzki, Professor no Departamento de Psicologia, University of Fribourg. A entrada é livre.


90In his first studies about cognitive development, Siegler used a rule-assessment approach, trying to simulate each step as a program or rule. One of the best known research is about balance scales (Siegler, 1976; 1978). When studying the strategies of boys playing warri in Ivory Coast, we used several methods: observations, games records and different psychological tasks (memory, quantity estimation, arithmetic knowledge). 38 schooled boys of Kpouebo aged 9 through 15 took part in the study. We submitted also a paper and pencil task called “warri problems” to 28 boys of Kpouebo (11 through 15). To analyze these results it seemed appropriate to adopt the rule assessment approach. The results of this particular study will be presented and discussed.


Nota Curricular

Jean Retschitzki

Educational background

1968        Licence in Psychology, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

1973        Ph.D. Psychology, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

1987        Habilitation, Faculty of Arts, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)


Professional experience

1973-1975              Maître-assistant in a research project in Ivory Coast

1975-1977              Maître-assistant, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

1977-1980              Post-doctoral fellow, University Carnegie-Mellon (Pittsburgh, USA) Dept. of Psychology (Prof. H.A. Simon)

1980-1982              Teacher (chef de travaux), Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg

1982-1990              Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg

Since 1990              Full Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg


Teaching experience:
Lectures in Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
General and Educational Psychology
Child Psychology (Play and games, Media, Computers)

Postgraduate teaching

1990        Methodology of research in cross-cultural Psychology

1993        Cognitive Psychology and Education

1994        Psychology applied to Education

2001        Recent cognitive theories and cross-cultural comparison: New paradigms, new methods

2004        Learning processes and everyday cognition : the role of play and games

2007        Culture and cognition




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