Book Review: Young People’s Visions Of The World


Young People’s Visions Of The World

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It is widely agreed in art education literature that art educators need to think about the possibility of widening the concept of art education. Educators need to understand the context of learning and for that they need to understand student interests in both local and global aspects. This book values young people’s expression of their own culture and personal interests. It is unique in that the starting point is the drawings of the young people – not to illustrate a predetermined theory, but to enable young people from different countries to express their visions about the world – illustrating their opinions, fears, expectations and own cultures.




Chapter 1: The Project


Chapter 2. The Nature of Drawing

Chapter 3. Drawings from Australia

Chapter 4. Personal Cultural and Environmental Interests in Israeli Youth Art Works

Chapter 5. Drawings from Catalunya

Chapter 6. Drawings from Jundiaí and Ananinpua


Chapter 7: Drawings from Minas Gerais

Chapter 8. Drawings from Portugal

Chapter 9. Drawings from Croatia

Chapter 10. Drawings from Duluth, Minnesota

Chapter 11. Drawings from Budapest


Chapter 12. Drawings from Maputo


Chapter 13. Understanding Hong Kong Adolescents’ Drawing in the 21st Century


Chapter 14. Drawings from Ikeda City


Chapter 15. Drawings from Laconia


Chapter 16. Listen to the Drawings: A Possible Interpretation of Young People’s Visions of the World


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